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This Server can be run thanks to kind grant of Smidy.

2007 Feb 27    Robot mailer under development..
2006 Nov 27    Complete HW upgrade
2005 Nov 5    Ticket for user's agenda introduced at members area
2005 Dec 2    New version of BLASTER|Analyzer2.3.11 has been released!! (Most of the code completely rewritten)
2005 Oct 12    Massive content extension. All major European leagues available
2004 Sep 2    Complete HW upgrade (Thanks to John Ross ;o)
2003 Jan 8    Automated sending of NHL Results via e-mail now available
2002 Dec 18    Automated Update has been set!!
2002 Dec 8    New version of BLASTER|Analyzer0.90.92 has been released!!
2002 Nov 27    New version of BLASTER|Analyzer0.90.90 has been released!!
2002 Nov 19    New version of BLASTER|Analyzer0.84.80 has been released!!
2002 Nov 05    Plan to enhance BLASTER's database for Czech ELH
2002 Nov 01    BLASTER|Analyzer has been given for free
2002 Oct 18    Bug from NHL index page removed - (EDM Season Res.)
2002 Oct 15    On-line building of team's statistis
2002 Oct 10    Team Statisits has been extended for Goals Per Game!! Chek it out!
2002 Sep was completely redesigned.
2002 Aug    Team's Statistis seem to be interesting...
2002 Jul    Database bakground rewriten. Better performance achieved.

For Contribution to Developing thanks to:
     Zejdlik-Pindik ;o)
     J. R. Boooza Ewing

  Please note, that primary purpose of the server ( is NOT providing web services!

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